Slate, marble, or natural stone?

When deciding your floor and what type to get you should always take into account the various options. We at Robinson Floors have made it easy and layout several common stone styles that you may be thinking about.


Slate is durable and if you install it correctly, it will last for as long as you like. They are usually affordable, but if you go the custom route than it could get very pricey. The maintenance for slate floors is nothing more than your weekly sweep and swiffer, otherwise you probably won’t be able to tell how dirty your floor may get.


Marble is one of the most luxurious and beautiful floor options that our customers can choose from. The only issue with marble is it requires maintenance every 6 months and can be stained from acids from orange or lemons. The floors can be slippery, so they may not be a smart decision if you have children or just want to optimize safety for you, your guests, and visitors.

Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring has a lot of variables and you really have to know when making a purchasing decision to get natural stone floors. They have various absorption rates and certain types are for certain environments.

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